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Because when it comes to hunger, the only acceptable number is zero!

Last month, September Hunger Action Month, IM Kids 3rd Meal encouraged individuals to “take action” to end childhood hunger in Ionia and Montcalm Counties.  As the weather turns colder many service groups  and school based groups begin to work on indoor service projects that impact their community.  In fall and winter months especially, many projects revolve around hunger issues.  Hunger impacts many people in our community, but children are often one of the hardest hit demographic groups with 7,620 children in Ionia and Montcalm Counties living in food insecure homes.  If your group, club or organization is planning a project, IM Kids 3rd Meal would like you to consider supporting us.

  • Conduct a Food Drive:  IM Kids uses some very specific items on a daily basis.  Check out the wish list to learn what is needed most.  If you want to keep it simple, start by collecting 1-2 of these items.  Challenge others in your group to see who can collect more items.  Example:  Sandwich baggies and snack baggies are 2 of the most needed items!  Divide into 2 teams and see who can collect the most baggies!
  • Collect or Prepare Snack Mix:  IM Kids uses healthy snack items in each 3rd Meal.  Check out the snack mix recipe to find basic ingredients.  Ask others in your group to bring in specific items needed to make snack mix.  Work together to mix the items and repackage is snack sized baggies.  Snack mix must be prepared in a licensed kitchen!  You can set up a group volunteer event to repackage your snack mix at our packing facility!
  • Decorate 3rd Meal Sacks:  IM Kids 3rd Meal uses at least 1500 paper bags each week.  Purchase paper bags of any color and spend meeting time decorating with bright colors, pictures, or themes.  Please do not use specific holiday or religious themes.  Put a smile on a child’s face before they open a 3rd Meal to see the good food inside!

IM Kids 3rd Meal will provide you with brochures, marketing materials, and a service project guide to help you plan your project and track your volunteer hours.  An IM Kids 3rd Meal representative may be able to visit your group at one of your meetings to present information or we would love to have you schedule a tour at our packing facility.  If you would like to learn more about IM Kids 3rd Meal visit our website at or contact us by email at  You can also reach Pam Hotchkiss at 616-225-7264 or call the Ionia County Intermediate School District at 616-527-4900.


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Download this Food Drive Poster to share with your group or organization!

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