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Food Drives

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6th grader Trent Hopkins at Saranac Elementary School raised $317.50 and a multitude of food items!

6th grader Trent Hopkins at Saranac Elementary School raised $317.50 and a multitude of food items!

The IM Kids 3rd Meal seeks donations of our Wish List items.  We will be following the USDA guidelines for a complete meal that will have a shelf life of 4 or more hours after packing and will be ready to eat by the youth receiving the meal.

Food Drives can seek all the items listed or specialize in one or two of the items on this list.  A Food Drive can also be one of the simplest ways to show support of the IM Kids 3rd Meal Program.

  • Decide what you items you will collect.
  • Determine how long you will collect items.
  • Create a collection box.
  • Create posters to draw attention to the collection box.

Food Drive Ideas

  • Peanut Butter & Jam Slam! Peanut Butter is one of the ingredients that will be used regularly by IM Kids 3rd Meal because it is high in protein and has a long shelf life. has free resources available for planning this type of drive and offers a contest each spring providing a college scholarship to one lucky winner.
  • Juice Box Drive!  100% Fruit Juice is a simple easy way to encourage healthy eating and can be a fun way for students to get involved. Invite other classrooms or groups to participate in friendly competition to see who can collect the most.  Want to add and element of fun?  Juice Boxes make great building material…see who can create the best structure with their collections.
  • Snack Mix Collection!  Sending home 3rd Meals with a Sweet & Salty Snack is a fun way to help ensure proper nutrition.  See our Snack Mix Project for the recipe, then decide who will bring in each donated item.  This project can be completed using Stone Soup and example of how everyone needs to work together to make the finished product.

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