Committed to Ending Childhood Hunger in Ionia and Montcalm Counties.

Eat Local, Give Local

September is Hunger Action Month!


IM Kids 3rd Meal is asking local restaurants to participate in our 3rd Annual “Eat Local, Give Local” campaign to raise funds to purchase food and supplies needed to make 3rd Meals for elementary students in food insecure homes.

IM Kids 3rd Meal Plan

  • The 3rd Meals are prepared by volunteers at H.O. Steele Education Center and delivered to schools in the afternoon and then distributed to students before they are dismissed for the day.
  • Each 3rd Meal is a well-balanced, ready-to-eat evening meal.
  • Students receive a 3rd Meal each school day.

The “Eat Local, Give Local” Plan

  • Participating restaurants will decide what percentage of their sales on September 29, 2016 to donate to IM Kids 3rd Meal.
  • IM Kids 3rd Meal will provide marketing materials, press releases, and additional PR through community partners including WOTV4, and other social media sites to encourage community members to “Eat Local, Give Local” at participating restaurants.


Participating Restaurants Giving a % of their Sales

Restaurants are participating in Belding, Carson City-Crystal, Greenville, Stanton and Ionia! Click the picture below to view the list of restaurants.



Participating Businesses selling Dinner Plates

There are other businesses who are selling Dinner Plates for a $1. For $1 IM Kids can provide a food insecure child with a 3rd Meal that is well balanced and ready to eat. By purchasing a dinner plate for $1 your donation will have fed an IM kid for one day! Businesses from Belding, Carson City-Crystal, Greenville, Stanton and Ionia are participating! Click the picture below to view the list of businesses.



For more information contact or call us at the Ionia County Intermediate School District at 616-527-4900.

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